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Two days ago I was at the local fabric store purchasing samples of fabrics (for our upcoming styled shoot!). As I waited in line a dissatisfied clerk dusting off shreds of previously cut burlap, mumbled something about her detestation for the rough, shread-y material. The clerk kept explaining how much she hated burlap, and how she couldn’t believe how many people used it in their weddings. She kept restating her passionate dislike for the fabric, and saying something about it belonging only on her potatoes?! As I was one of the lucky spectators, she looked at me waiting to receive a word of support about how much I might have hated burlap too… but I just smiled as If I didn’t understand English, because HELLO?! I am a total burlap-rocks-at-weddings-supporter! As she talked mainly back and forth with herself, she mocked the idea of a “country”, yes she used visual quotations, wedding. Right then and there I knew I had to write a post about the BEAUTY OF BURLAP!

In countless weddings we have shot, burlap has been used as an accent to create texture and mood. It is a material that works well on so many surfaces and adapts to even more projects, and for weddings, I say: BURLAP IS BEAUTIFUL! Obviously I differed in opinions with the clerk, and that is a beautiful thing, because not everyone should be, think, or act the the same. To me, the world is beautiful because we are, in essence, cut from so many different types and swatches of fabric.

1. cotton and burlap wreath via Pinterest 2. Table with candles and burlap image via elizabethannedesigns.com 3. Burlap inspired gown by BHLDN 4. Flower girls’ image via JCrew 5. Banner image via 100layercake.com 6. Peaches image Simply Bloom Photography, LLC 7. Burlap accented wedding cake via www.lovemydress.net 8. Burlap table runner via styleunveiled.com 9. Burlap wedding book / invite via loveandlavander.com 10. Burlap wedding ring pillow via Pinterest

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7 thoughts on “Burlap | Beautiful Wedding Trend

  1. First thing first. You should have punched her in the throat and then wrapped her body in burlap. I love burlap and am always so excited when burlap is included in wedding details!

  2. Dee Green - Limestone Bay Trading Company

    Burlap is the silk of vintage vibe. She who hates burlap has missed the meaning of all things good. It is a fabric that creates some work as it does shred and leaves fibers everywhere and can smell is not pre-washed, but properly cared for and lovingly used makes a statement like no other fabric can. Long live burlap!

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