8 Happy Places | No.8

And as all happy things must come to an end (or do they!?), so must my collection of 8 Happy Places. Here is a photo I took of Positano on the Amalfi Coast. Where colorful stucco buildings bunch like ruffles, and cascade into the sea.

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11 thoughts on “8 Happy Places | No.8

  1. I was here as a study abroad student in 1997 and it is just as beautiful as you captured in your photo here. One day, I sat on the beach and sketched this very same set of homes. Sketching intensely as I could studying the shapes, lines and curves, to my amazement, I looked up to what I thought was a few minutes of sketch but was about half an hour and I had a small following standing behind me. It was embarrassing and heartwarming in one emotion. More embarrassing. I am in awe of your photo and am a frequent follower of your photography. Love, Nelly

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