Yesterday I received an epic text message:

Yes, that is correct Christine is currently in the delivery room waiting to finally meet her little man, Lennon.

These last 9 months have been a roller coaster of surreality for her and for me.

Let me tell you the story from the beginning…

Christine and Seth had invited Brian and I for dinner over to their house, Seth being the fabulous cook that he is spoiled us with tender steaks, steamed asparagus, and a number of other delicious dishes. In hindsight their master plan was to “sweeten my mood” for the big news. After dinner Brian and I were about to bid our farewells for the night, when something, a freak thing inside of me lead me to ask “so, what’s the next big thing in life?” my question was followed by sheer silence and a few weird facial expressions from Christine and Seth. After a few more seconds of silence, I opened my big mouth again exclaiming “you are pregnant aren’t you, you have to go to the doctor”.

Seriously Christine and Seth had not implied anything, but I think that that surreal bond that Christine and I have, made me have the feeling and say the words.

After the news had been revealed, I must admit that I was in shock, denial, and more shock. Not only I was worried about what would have happened with the dynamic of the business, but I felt I was going to lose my best friend. No, I felt that I was going to lose a limb.

Through the pregnancy Christine and I traveled numerous times and she handled herself INCREDIBLY; honestly I am still smitten with how professionally and responsibly she took it all on.  We even traveled to China together! It’s been an incredible journey and yesterday wrapped up the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one. It’s surreal.

Through the nine months we worked hard on maintaining the dynamic of the business, meeting both of our needs. We shared more ourselves with each other than we ever had before, and trust me, we regularly share A LOT.

So ultimately, with the wisdom that only hindsight could have procured, I can say that all my worries were simply because I did not know what was to come.

Now that I know that our business is well taken care of, and that most importantly, our friendship ain’t going anywhere, I am a better, happier and slightly wiser girl.

It took me a few months to adjust, but I’ve realized just HOW blessed I have been to participate in this amazing journey.

Yesterday, after the surreal news that the baby was coming the following day, we even worked a smidgen.

Yesterday, Christine let me choose his “coming home” outfits, and while she was folding away, I teared up.

Tomorrow I will have the honor of being in the room WHILE the little man is born. Utterly Surreal.

The day began with the above text message and it ended with this one:

C, you know that I love you, but you may not know how much it means to me to be next to you through this whole process. Thank you for this honor. really.

Love A.L.W.A.Y.S.


And now, I thought I’d share the quirky beautiful way she documented the growing bump with a collage of her self portraits:

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77 thoughts on “Surreality

  1. Hi! I’m newly pregnant and a photographer…Ive been desperetly searching for a dress like the one that you did the calender documentation with your friends maternity ones? Can you find out where she got it or who makes it!? thank you!

  2. I adore her pregnancy photos! May I ask where she found her awesome white dress? When I get pregnant again I would love to do a series too. I’ll put my own spin on it but the dress is to die for. Thanks & congrats!

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  4. Your pics are adorable! Hope you have a wonderful bundle of joy! I love the idea of taking photos in the same dress!! So beautiful.

  5. HI! Love the simplicity of these pics! Wondering how you made the sign? Did you buy stickers from somewhere? Looking to do something similar for my pregnancy

  6. hi christine, hi vania…

    i love this post and this idea!!!

    i really hope u dont mind, that i took this pic-collage of yours christine with me – to this post:

    i wanted to show my readers this gorgeous idea!!
    and to introduce to them your lovely blog!!!

    if you mind, please let me know, and i will remove the pic asap!!

    christine (I´m not sure, if u -still- understand german :) )
    your so gorgeous on that pic´s… and your son is a cuteeee – as seen at the recent pic´s)

    lots of love and congratulations to your wonderfull blog and business…

    i l.o.v.e your photographs!!!

    nancy – from germany

  7. Hi, how did you make those monthly signs for your pictures? I only found belly stickers but I really like the idea of the same outfit and then hanging a sign for every week. I’m curious how you made this, is there a how-to on your website? Thanks!

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