So Much Sweetness | Baby Shower Photography

This past weekend we celebrated Christine’s baby shower with our intimate girlfriends. I had been working for months on putting together the best, most stylish event for her, because you know, she simply deserves it. The inspiration for the “Mommy Shower” were Christine’s favorite colors: gray, peach, and seafoam, as well as some elements from the nursery she so beautifully designed. I will post ALL the glorious photos from it very soon, but for now enjoy this tiny little preview 😉

The one-of-a-kind custom invites were designed by the insanely-talented Kate of Ruby & Willow. These gems came all the way from New Zealand in their perfectly fabric-lined envelopes and with crafty twine as the main lettering… they were divine. Kate of Ruby & Willow is PURE genius, check out her website & blog.

I wanted for the shower to be a visual and tasty experience, and I think that it was a success…

My incredible mother is responsible for the impeccable execution and delightful taste of all the glorious desserts…

I asked all the girls to dress in the theme colors, and again I was so happy with how it all visually worked 😀

We had a grand time, and just wait till you see all the inspirational details that came to life from a mere sketch!

Have a lovely Wednesday!


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44 thoughts on “So Much Sweetness | Baby Shower Photography

  1. Kate is truly talented, those invites are so beautiful! Vania, you made it look perfectly dreamy! Love the theme & all the goodies your mama baked! The kites on the cake are incredible!!!

  2. Wow!! So pretty- love the colors and theme. And, who’s house is that in the background? Looks very cute! If it is one of yours, you two REALLY need to a reality post on the decor of your home!! :)

  3. hahah it’s my (V’s) house! thank you Laura! one of these days! that reality post would incur a ton of cleaning time 😉 haha!

  4. I have to admit, I’m not a baby shower fan, but this looks amazing! I would love to go to a baby shower like this. Christine looks amazing too. Truly glowing!

  5. Kate is a genius! I love the color combination used for the invites and decor. The hot air balloon pops look incredible and I bet they tasted incredible, too! xo

  6. Congratulations to Christine and wow Vania, you have done such a great job at putting all of that together. And getting Kate to help you with the invitation: brilliant!! She is amazing and I am so glad I get to work with her here in NZ…
    Christine is very lucky to have a friend like you!
    Amazing! Truly amazing!

  7. This is truly amazing! I love Kate from Ruby and Willow, her work is exquisite and pure perfection!! This just warms my heart ;)) congratulations Christine!!

  8. Kate’s design for the invites with the string names = whimsical magic! Vania I feel so lucky to have such a crafty creative inspired genious as a friend…I just wish you lived closer! Christine is radiant and all the ladies look faboosh…(I’m loving Tori’s look!)

  9. Beautiful photography, absolute love for your eye for details! I posted a photograph on a post of mine, featuring Ruby and Willow’s work. Hope that’s alright with you. :)

  10. Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me how you worded that there would be a dress theme? I can’t think of a good way to word it on the invites I’m doing.

  11. Carrian I said something like: to have every detail picture perfect, we encourage wearing the theme colors: gray, seafoam and peach :)

  12. Beautiful shower! I’m hosting an “Up Up and Away” shower for my best friend very soon. I love the hot air balloon garland you had! Where did you get it or how did you make it? Love that everyone dressed in the color scheme too!

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  14. Hey! I am a photographer just now trying to get my photography up and running and turn it into a business of sorts. I was asked by a friend to take photos for her cousin’s baby shower and am about to rent a lens from The problem is I’m not 100% sure what lens I want to rent. I definitely want to rent a lens that I know I can’t afford to by myself right now. I was thinking maybe the Canon 35mm 1.4L. I own a Canon 5D classic and a Canon 50mm 1.4. What did you use for this baby shower? Thank you so much for putting up with me! I hope you can help me out! :) Great work!

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