Huntsville, AL Best Wedding Photographer | Historic Roundhouse | Erin & Eric

Erin and Eric were married at the Huntsville Roundhouse Depot and had a lovely big wedding that was the perfect balance between southern charm and modern style. Erin is a girly-girl (no wonder she likes our work!) so the attention to detail and personal style she attached to each element of her wedding, was particularly thought out. She looked like a modern-day princess; her poise and elegant hair-do were reminiscent of Grace Kelley.  Erin is so bubbly, her smile glows from cheek to cheek, especially when she’s around Eric. One of the aestetic elements we loved most about this wedding were the Kelly green bridesmaid dresses; each a different style but all designed by one of the bride’s good friends. These dresses are a bridesmaid’s dream, because they are absolutely adorable and perfect to wear again and again.

Without further ado, here is the lovely little story of Erin & Eric…

The modern decor looked so fresh inside the Roundhouse, originally a railroad building

We took many happy and romantic portraits of the bride and groom who gladly kissed and snuggled in front of the cameras!

Erin, I totally understand your big happy smile– I am such a nephew lover too 😉

You can’t go wrong with dressing all your girls in ruffles, bows and tailored dresses

I love these next few timeless portraits

Erin said that one of the things she absolutely loved about her dress was the way it bustled, and we couldn’t agree more…

This couple is a sugary spoonfull of southern sweetness :)

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8 thoughts on “Huntsville, AL Best Wedding Photographer | Historic Roundhouse | Erin & Eric

  1. gorgeous! In my opinion you are the best weddingphotographer I’ve ever seen! The colors, the light, poses, detaills etc… everthing’s just gorgeous!

    Kind regards from Germany :-)

  2. hello first off this wedding is completely beautiful!! Second I have been searching for the perfect bridesmaid dresses and those are it!!! is there anyway you could refer me to the designer?

  3. you two always seem to blow me away!!! simply amazing! the last pic where they’re moving how did you do that? which program ? so cool :) love everything you do!

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