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I am not going to tell you how much Whitney and Mike love each other, that is apparent. I am not going to tell you the ways in which their first married kiss, and every glance in between seemed painfully romantic. I could never possibly describe real love, such as that of Mike and Whitney’s. What I will tell you is that this couple is a real riot that explodes with love for life. Both Whitney and Mike exude a sense of joy and breathe in happiness. They unconsciously make those around them happier just by being themselves. Yes, our wedding couples are supernaturally that awesome ๐Ÿ˜‰

They were married at the Farm House Inn right outside of Atlanta, GA (Madison). They utilized the rustic feel of the venue and pulled off one of the best farm weddings we’ve seen.

Whitney and Mike were married under a huge southern oak tree. The tree served as a symbol throughout their wedding and decor; The tree represented and encapsulated strong roots, a flourishing life, and the branches of possibilities for their future together. The tree served as logo for their wedding and a deep symbol for their relationship.

Elements like fresh peaches and burlap harmonized so well with the farm theme

We loved the cushioned hay bales seating for the guests at the ceremony

A rustic button, white burlap and some twine never looked so good

and then we knew that this wedding was better than fabulous…

The tire swinging from the tree had such a southern charm, and was reminiscent of youthful summer days…

Then we made some epic pictures with some chickens ๐Ÿ˜‰

Even the reception decor was impeccable, every detail was classy and yet still had that perfect country feel

Whitney and Mike, you guys are rock stars!

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49 thoughts on “Atlanta GA Wedding Photography | Whitney & Mike

  1. Danielle Treadway Lazar

    Oh I love the colors! And the details! Especially that adorable little flower girl and her outfit from head to toe. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Simply beautiful. Love the originality of it all.
    And that shot of them in front of the old truck is probably my favorite. Although it’s almost impossile to choose!

  3. UNREAL!!! This is my favorite wedding of yours I have ever seen! All of the details are so refreshing and unique!

  4. This has Southern Weddings magazine written all over it! Seriously every picture looks like it came off the pages of a magazine. Amazing!!!

  5. AM-AAZING!!!! LOVE all the details!! Her veil is gorgeous, love all the different centerpieces, and the bridesmaids dresses and boots!! Oh and the flower girl outfit is adorable!! Amazing job girls capturing a dream wedding!!!

  6. We know you girls can’t help it but can you at least try not to show everyone else in the industry up!!??? Seriously, show a little consideration. :)
    [Tease. Tease.]
    We are only slightly serious… once again WONDERFUL, OUTSTANDING, TOO GOOD, JOB!

  7. This wedding is absolutely gorgeous! Truly a TOP favorite of any of your weddings! Totally in love with all the wedding attire and other details. What a dream!!!

  8. Eleanor Kirkpatrick

    SWOON!!!! What a breath of fresh air to see a wedding like this. Absolutely adorable and dreamy in every way!!!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! You are so lucky to have clients with such suburb and creative style. Best farm wedding I’ve ever seen!!!

  10. Absolutely beautiful!!! Moving this to the top of my list of favorite SB weddings. Every bit of it is spectacular!!

  11. i love the pic i am planning on renewing my vow’s in 2013 it will be our 5yr we r planning to renew it every 5yrs.and i love everything country love the hay bale seating do u know how much much material a yrd it took

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