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While we were in Florence this is how the photo experience with Lia and Rob began… We strolled the streets of medieval Florence and stopped at as many famous land marks and piazza of the charming city:  Piazza della Signoria, Duomo di Firenze, and Ponte Vecchio. It was a surreal experience being able to photograph such a good looking couple in such a magical place as Florence.

Lia’s modern ballerina outfit contrasted perfectly with the timelessness of the surroundings, and her ballerina slippers were the perfect touch!

This next “walking pose” was inspired by simply watching my fellow Italians walk around the streets

The we stopped at Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) and we couldn’t believe how perfect the light was. We even asked the slightly intimidating owners of a private area to let us shoot close by the water, thankfully they granted permission, and allowed for the next beautiful set of photos. Italians may look harsh, but I promise we are nice people underneath the loudness 😉

I adore this next shot by Christine of Ponte Vecchio

This is one of my favorite shots I’ve ever taken. I am so happy with everything about it all the perfections and imperfections

We also met fun street characters along the way, and one even blew a kiss at our cameras! Italian style!

The we proceeded to borrow a street painter’s bike for a few shots, and created our next favorite series…sigh we love cobble stone, and the iridescent light of Italian alleys…

We then concluded with Piazza della signoria and the Florence Dome for some dramatic portraits of some of the best sights in Florence.

Lia and Rob, you guys know how much we love you! but now, we’ve made our love for you public for thousands to see!

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36 thoughts on “Florence Italy | Tuscany Italy Wedding Photography | Lia and Rob

  1. I am a huge FAN of the both of you! :) I think this is one of my most fav. shoots of yours! You both amaze me everytime I look at your work… Simply Bloom is truly an inspiration to many many photogs and I cant wait for another workshop so I can try to fly up from FLORIDA to meet you both…. <3 <3 <3

  2. Wow these are beyond stunning! These images capture the essence of Italy perfectly. So timeless, romantic and elegant.

  3. Beautiful images – so elegant. I was just wondering how you got the shots by those famous landmarks without all the crowds? Did it just take a lot of patience? Thanks. You’re work is inspirational 😀

  4. Unreal, breathtaking, fabulous, beautiful, soft, whimsical – I swear every positive word can be used to describe this shoot. I admire your work and check it every single day and today I am especially grateful to have come across it. Thank you for inpsiring me and many others.

  5. Wow! I love every image. They make me so happy and bring me back to the happiest days of my life! I would also like to say Happy Anniversay because we had our first shoot together one year ago this week!!! It’s so sad I don’t have any more shoots to look forward to. Unless of course I get preggers and then there will be the maternity shoot and then the first family shoot….But that won’t be for awhile. At least I can be happy that despite the lack of shoots in the foreseeable future our friendship will continue and I will see you as often as possible! XO

  6. They are such a fabulous looking couple, what perfect models for such gorgeousness surrounding you in Florence. These photos are stunning + magical, you ladies are amazing!!!!!! Love all the photos you’ve shared from your time with them.

  7. This post is convincing me that I must take pictures in Italy… the images are so absolutely stunning! The one that especially catches my eye is where they are facing each other in front of the painted wall. I can’t stop looking at it! =)

  8. LOVE!!! I went to Florence before I had my big fancy camera. Wish I could go back and shoot something like this. Love the one with the bridge in the background.

  9. my oh my, you girls are BRILLIANT!!!
    what a dream to photograph such a stunning couple in one of the most beautiful little corners of the world…
    this shoot brings back lovely memories of the time I had the privilege to live in Tuscany.

  10. Been to florence a few times and wish I had been there with you both. Really like your gentle pink orange highlights (would buy that set of actions in a minute)because it resembles film. My favorite image is ones where you filled the frame with the Il Duomo — the lines are so interesting. Beautiful couple.
    Can’t wait to see more of your destination weddings.

  11. Oh, my old home, Florence. I lived right around the corner from this carousel! I am enamored of these photos … the shiny cobblestones and wall murals are a dream.

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  13. All your photography is seriously stunning and honestly inspirational. I’m an amateur photographer but I come to your website to get inspired!! This shoot in particular is one of my FAVORITES. Not only does it capture my fascination with Italy, but every picture is executed perfectly and evokes an emotion. Your photography is the definition of perfect.

  14. Hello,

    Can you please send me a price list? I am from Toronto and interested in taking my engagement pictures in Florence. Very lovely pictures.



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