Stacey & Chris: Sweet as Candy {Perfect Match Session}

Vania left for her long-awaited vacation to Italy today, and left the business with me for the next 3 weeks (of which I will be gone a week myself) and before SimplyBloom is essentially shut down for a while, I will try to post as many blog posts as I possibly can. We have SO many sessions yet to blog (stay tuned for 2 fantastic weddings, an adorable 9 day old little man, as well as 2 quirky families) and I will try to put a dent into it with Stacey and Chris’ engagement session. Their session was a true blast and the candy theme was a complete success, well… besides the little incident where the **police came and demanded us to quit shooting and “clean up the mess” we made. Apparently not everyone believes in the beauty of art 😉

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** We intended on removing the chalk after the session, and came prepared with a sponge and water :)

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13 thoughts on “Stacey & Chris: Sweet as Candy {Perfect Match Session}

  1. Fabulous!!! I love the ring in the candy one (and wow-gorgeous ring!) and I love the “Let’s Get Hitched” idea — super cute! I also love the obama posters….can you tell i LOVE this session? :)

  2. completely adorable. i LOVE the “let’s get hitched” small-press comic stylings and all around playfulness of the session. nice work! can’t believe you guys got into trouble for these, but from the looks of it, it was worth every effort.

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