Italy Destination Wedding Photographer | Lia and Rob’s Tuscany Wedding

Please believe me when I say: I have no idea how to begin writing about this wedding; and this is why: the bride and groom are fantastic and became some really good friends of ours, the wedding was just too pretty, and I know that even if I come up with some Shakespearean sonnet to describe it all, it won’t be enough. But ok, I will attempt with mere words to express it.

Lia and Rob were married at the Vignamaggio Villa in Tuscany Italy, and if it wasn’t for the photos, I would think the whole thing had been a dream. As the cab took Christine and I from Florence to Chianti, we could not believe the painterly quality of the landscapes that reeled in front of our eyes. Green hills upon cypress trees upon perfect vineyards. We squealed with delight at the thought of being able to photograph a wedding in such glory. We counted our blessings in that cab that day.

Vignamaggio was a sensational venue. It is said to be where the Mona Lisa herself was born…

Lia crafted her wedding vow paperie with hahnemuhle paper torn at the edges, rose ribbon, gold leaf, and vintage lace

The grandparents were held close by all day, in a locket hung by the bride’s bouquet

Soft pink and champagne boutonnieres for the men added a simple touch of romance and fit in so well with the surroundings

When Lia and Rob met for the first time that day, it was a truly beautiful moment- so touching and joyous

I adore the next two photos because their relationship at whole seems to be captured: Lia trying to hold back and be strong, and Rob right there to be her rock.

The pinks here make me swoon

Rustic objects embellished Vignamaggio all around; like this beautiful peach-colored cart, just lying there, flawlessly…

We were doubly as lucky to be photographing a bride who can be FIERCE in front of the camera

The venue was surrounded by vineyads and taylored hedges, reminescent of The Secret Garden

Lia’s witness sported the most feathery and girly gown, which also contrasted so well with the softness of the entire wedding

It was truly a celebration, even statues were adorned

Lia, in all her bridal glory…

The reception was embellished with the most thick and lucious wreaths of lemon leaves and fruits

So the scent in the air, was just as perfect as the visual elements

The reception took place under olive trees

and yes, their wedding reception was garnished with timeless chandeliers softly swaying by tree branches…

Lia hand picked vintage plates to add a unique and elegant touch to the decor

major swoon!

The bride also crafted each menu, with soft green fabric and lace

Lia and Rob are a beautiful couple, but more so, have a distinctively genuine relationship. The love and honesty that they share is infectious, and there are no words to express how fabulous they really are together

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97 thoughts on “Italy Destination Wedding Photographer | Lia and Rob’s Tuscany Wedding

  1. there are no words…..these are unbelievable, so gorgeous…..I adore every photo… ladies did an absolutely AMAZING job! fabulous looking couple, such a stunning wedding!

  2. This is a wonderful set of images. I really like the romantic look and feel of them. Your color palette perfectly matches the mood and the landscape. These are very inspiring.

  3. Vania & Christine. First of all, I am REALLY jealous that you were given the most beautiful location and people to work with but also SO VERY proud of the two of you and the images you were able to capture here. Amazing set of images -my favorite of yours. Bravo, ladies!

  4. I just wanted to say that the Italian wedding got categorized under Boudoir in case you didn’t notice :) Also, BEAUTIFUL photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (as always!!)

  5. This brings back such wonderful memories of being at Vignamaggio, that wonder tucked onto the narrow twisty back road of Tuscany….where drivers would sound their horn as they approached the curve, warning oncoming drivers. Our little room was right over the garage…at 5:00 p.m. they all drove away and left us alone…with a key to the kitchen! You did a beautiful job and it brings back such wonderful memories. Isn’t that surrounding countryside amazing?

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  7. INCREDIBLE!! … everything is so beautiful and the photography really captures it. I’ve shared the link on our honeymoon site.

  8. I truly believe that a wedding like that…in all it’s glory…will ALWAYS produce a harmonious marriage. How can it not? Absolutely breathtaking.

  9. What a beautiful wedding!

    These pictures brough tears to my eyes, with a full stream on one or two occasions!

    I am neither married or even dating at the moment, however my guilty pleasure is to pore over images of my dream Tuscan wedding, & seeing these has cemented that wish for me.

    Although I do not know them, I wish Lia and Rob a lifetime of happiness together and should I find myself in Vigna Maggio on my wedding day,that Simply Bloom will capture our magical momemts too.

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