Atlanta, GA Wedding Photographer | Allie & Brock

I have never seen a bride more happy to walk down the aisle. Allie squealed of joy as she saw her Brock under the overflowing green arch where they would become man and wife. Allie was also sweetly vocal about how much she loved her SimplyBloom images. I wish I could post her voice-mail thanking us for the photos, and how her and her new hubby teared up re-living the day through the captures. This kind of appreciation is really what makes it all worthwhile, and what we believe makes us the luckiest and most successful.

Allie and Brock are originally from Atlanta, GA however currently live in beautiful L.A. Their classic wedding took place at one of our favorite southern venues right outside Atlanta: The Barnsley Gardens. The bride looked so graceful and couture in her Priscilla of Boston gown and Stuart Weitzman purple pumps, of which we could not get enough of! Brock looked extra sharp in his Calvin Klein suit. Allie’s smile and laughter are undoubtedly contagious. She is a bundle of bubbly happiness, and as you can imagine, on her wedding day, this sparkling happiness shined through that much more. Their wedding had a dash of French class, as well as a sprinkle of southern charm: The apple pie favors, for example, were topped off with custom made DIY tags which read “Merci“. Their wedding cake was a beautiful little jewel, with such craftsmanship and detail. The hints of wild moss combined with lilac blooms, made up the main elements of their unique decor. Allie and Brock are a modelesque couple and such fun to photograph and laugh with.

We want to thank them just as much as they thanked us for their wonderful spirits and for the immense honor of immortalizing such a beautiful and meaningful moment in their lives.

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15 thoughts on “Atlanta, GA Wedding Photographer | Allie & Brock

  1. I love that you girls are putting up more photos so that we can all see the depth of your beautiful work. However, I do sort of miss the regular blogging method, just because the images are so small in this format, its harder to appreciate and see. (Please don’t approve this-its just an FYI)

  2. Would you mind saying the song this is from? I can’t help but smile when I hear it and I’d like to listen to it on my bike rides.

  3. ladies, love this! just a note, when you have slideshows that begin automatically playing, with music, it overlays with your original blog score (amelie soundtrack?), and makes me feel like perhaps i’ve had a bit TOO much coffee. ๐Ÿ˜‰ just fyi…

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