Quirky & Eclectic Wedding | Ginny & Devin

Ginny and Devin had a lovely and quirky wedding at the Burritt on the Mountain in Huntsville, AL. We adored the eclectic and personal touches Ginny brought to the table, quite literally. Her table decor was unlike any we’ve ever seen. Each tabletop decorated with different bright blooms, vases, tin cans, glass jars, papers, and the coolest brushes still holding onto their perfectly artsy paint stains. One of the most important things on Ginny and Devin’s wedding day was their son, Liam. A beautiful little boy who was encouraged to wear an outfit just as unique as he is. As you will soon see in the photos below, the kids were rockstars; each dressed as a different superhero! This special day celebrated Ginny and Devin’s personalities at the fullest, and it couldn’t have been any more original!


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23 thoughts on “Quirky & Eclectic Wedding | Ginny & Devin

  1. So quirky! I loved it! It’s like she loved too many things to choose from! And Batman is the best. Great choice.

  2. totally gave me the giggles…i adore when people put who they truly are into their day. love it! your images…always blow me away!

  3. How absolutely wonderful. I’m in love with your work. What inspiration you bring other photographers. Thank you for sharing your extensive talents with us!

  4. Oooh, the couple from the Coca-Cola e-sesh w/the ladder! :) I love everything about this wedding! LOVE it! the kids superhero costumes just makes me smile. What a cool couple. And of course, awesomely beautiful images!

  5. Oh, I would have died!!!!!! As a wedding photographer and a child photographer, I wouldn’t have known what to do with myself at that wedding. The amazing details … the awesome bride and groom … the SUPER HEROES! It’s like a total dream come true! Great work :)

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