Fina & Nathan are engaged! | { Austin & Houston, TX Engagement & Wedding Photography }

It is always so pleasant getting to know a couple before and during their session. Chatting with couples truly lets us into their relationship and allows us to capture the essence of their love. We certainly felt this with Fina and Nathan. This AMAZING couple drove all the way from Houston, TX to Huntsville for their SimplyBloom engagement session. Fina is a savvy  interior designer and aspiring photographer while Nathan is a charming theater tech. We were BEYOND flattered about their 2 day trip to AL just for us (Thank you guys!:)). We will be going to Austin in a few months for their artsy wedding at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden. After chatting and meeting this amazing duo, we are convinced that they will have a beautiful artistic wedding perfect to be captured SimplyBloom style. Fina worked it out in front of our cameras and seemed perfectly aware of how to position her body flawlessly. The way she would fall into a  pose ever so delicately kept Christine and I shooting until the last drop of sunlight. When asked if they had modeled before, Fina replied: “No, we just look at your website a lot!” We LOVED this response of course, and with huge smiles on our faces we glowed with appreciation.

Fina and Nathan are self proclaimed “coffee shop junkies” and when we proposed starting the shoot at a local coffee shop in downtown Hunsville they were not only eager, but also inspired to add one more personal touch- and brought their favorite board game!  Over a very foamy cappuccino and a fast-melting ice cream we strolled around downtown to capture the flirty-date  type shots and then headed to a very romantic field lit by the most beautiful pink sunlight.

Nathan and Fina, we cannot express how thankful and flattered we are about your drive from TX to AL. We hope you enjoyed Huntsville, but most of all loved your session!


Image on the left was taken outside Old Towne Coffee Shop.

All other images were taken at the lovely Sam & Greg’s Coffee Shop in Downtown Huntsville. Sam & Greg’s is known for their delicious espresso, authentic pizza and for the best gelato in town!





















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12 thoughts on “Fina & Nathan are engaged! | { Austin & Houston, TX Engagement & Wedding Photography }

  1. I ADORE, love, love love… I think you get the point… but just in case LOVE your work. You girls are amazing and keep all of us that stalk your blog inspired! Every shot in this post is super creative and awesome! Nice work.

  2. Those are awesome! I love these! When I get married (given that I actually do get married = /) I hope I can afford to have you guys do pictures for me by then, cause I am so in love with your work! And I live in Utah! But hey, what a fun road trip! = )

  3. I am crying. Fina is my dear friend and I am one of her bridesmaids. We have been looking forwarded to seeing how these would turnout. I came across a blog a few months ago and saw your photographs and knew instantly I had to tell Fina about you. We all fell in love with your work instantly and she is very right, we look at your website often to smile. Fina you look naturally flawless. Every girls dream to have the natural beauty that you do.

  4. Beatiful engagement session! The couple looks so sweet and in love. I too am from Houston and married in Austin! Best Wishes to this lovely couple!

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