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What to say about Lia and Rob’s engagement session in NYC? For me personally, one of the best shoots ever. The whole experience to traveling to New York for this amazing couple, meeting them in their Brooklyn home, having  a fresh yummy lunch prepared by Lia herself , chatting with Rob in Italian, and shooting them on none other than the Brooklyn Bridge=  Best. Shoot. Experience. Ever! We began under a rainy sky right outside their home. Lia & Rob had decorated their stoop with  fresh flowers, and a hand painted pumpkin from Lia’s mom! Lia and Rob showed us just how WRONG the stereotype of  the “Harsh New Yorker” is!!! They were some of the sweetest, most laid back, caring individuals we’ve photographed. They felt like long time friends after a matter of hours. From their home we proceeded to Lia’ favorite park where we shot a few timeless images  with a touch of editorial. We then took the subway (not missing a beat shooting through it) to arrive at one of my personally favorite shoot locations of all time: the Brooklyn Bridge. If you want good photo drama, just combine Lia, Rob, a storm, balloons, a flirty pink dress, and this bridge.

Lia and Rob– we are so entirely thankful for letting us be a part of your city and your world for one day. It was so fabulous, we still sigh at the thought of it. We know your marriage will be filled with as much love as your relationship holds. We are just so honored to be the ones capturing your amazing wedding in Tuscany Italy next Spring.

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Lia’s reaction to these photos was too good, we had to post it here:

“There are no words! Rob is in Mexico City on business and woke me up at 12:30am when he thought he had a missed call from me. Of course in my sleepy haze I had to check your blog for the 20th time today (just in case) and there they were!!!!!! Now I am wide awake and called my mom to wake her too (and she is happy i did!!!!). I am so blown away by those pics I only wish Rob were here looking at them with me (but there is time for that!) I know NYC has some of the most talented photographers in the world but you ladies from Huntsville (via Germany and Italy) are as good as they get! Thank you thank you thank you! (not sure how i will sleep tonight – too giddy)”
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  1. I know that you most likely get many emails from people, but I’m just starting off my photography career and I was wondering how you got such amazing pictures. Not in the since of how you took them, but I was wondering if you had any equipment or lighting, etc. I just bought a Nikon D70 , and would like to buy more things to get pictures to look like that. Also do you use the newest photoshop?

  2. I was just wondering what equipment you used well taking these pictures such as lighting or anything else. I just bought a nikon D70 and want to know what else I should buy to get such good quality pictures like this. Also do you use photoshop?

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