Best of Bridesmaids

As our very own Christine has been planning her wedding, we’ve had bridesmaids on our mind; so we thought we’d go back in archives and share with you some of our favorite shots of “the girls” ! From navy blue, to lavender to blush pink, bridesmaids come in all SHADES and sizes. Yet even with some of the most flowing and flattering dresses, we’ve noticed that the most beautiful things bridesmaids can wear on the wedding day is a genuine smile.

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And for a little EXTRA inspiration, here are some mix and match bridesmaids dresses and gowns we’ve collected of unique color palettes.  From different shapes, cuts and even styles, these dress combinations prove that each girl can be unique while creating a cohesive bridal party.

Beautiful Blues

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Tantalizing Taupe

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Whimsical Whites

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Dresses found on: Asos, Lulu’s & Urban Outfitters

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