Camera Bag “TAKE A BOW”

We boast with joy to finally introduce to you a dream, turned project, turned endeavor, turned reality: our very own camera bag.
We can now proudly say that we, at Bloom Theory, have been working on turning our vision into a tangible reality for the past year. Yes, this was one of our most arduous dreams to peruse. We cannot begin to recount all the no’s we heard while seeking manufacturers, all the obstacles and set-backs we had to push through. All the “back-to-the-drawing-board” moments. Just when we thought we were close to sealing the deal, we heard another big no and started from scratch. Just when we were almost finished, a lot of invested materials were lost in shipping. So now that we can finally announce that THIS, our dream, our vision for a camera bag, has become a reality, we overflow with happiness!
The bag will be on PRE-SALE on the Bloom Theory website this Friday January 30th! Spread the word that a dreamy camera bag for stylish photographers is now on the market, and most importantly, that dreams do come true!
Our Bloom Theory camera bag campaign shoot was as dreamy as the bag itself.  Jourdan the model was flawless in front of our lens. Our preferred vendor The Transformation did a sensational job on the hair and make up, Matthew of Awaken Films shot a fabulous commercial for our products, and lastly, Christine and myself had an absolute blast capturing it all!

Bloom Theory Camera Bag





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7 thoughts on “Camera Bag “TAKE A BOW”

  1. Love this bag! Congrats ladies! It is lovely. I see you can use one of your camera straps as the strap for this camera bag. Am I correct? Very neat idea!

  2. I love the style of the bag! I wish it came in black also as you have to set on floors, ground etc. and I would hate to spend that much money on a bag and have it look dirty in a short time. Having a dirty looking bag makes you look unprofessional. Hope to see more bag choices in the future! :)

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