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There are no words to describe the beauty of this child. Her expressions, grins, giggles, and “touch-downs” brightened our day and continue to brighten our computer screens. She is a one-of-a-kind baby girl, full of personality and adorable mannerisms. Ella enjoyed her session exploring the tall grass, searching through her mom’s purse, and trying to open our vintage trunk! She was such a curious little sweetie!

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Bye for now! 😀

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Lauren and Andrew

Lauren and Andrew’s was an adventure more than a session.

We got to shoot for about 40 minutes, and we will prelude by saying that this is the first session we are having a “re-shoot” for; this is mainly because things ended so … ahem… abruptly. Here is the story:

As we were shooting what could possibly be the coolest clients ever, the dreary sky became stormy in what seemed the blink of an eye.  Rain fell more intently minute after minute. We all quickly hid inside the car, and as Andrew put it in drive, the tires slid helplessly against the soaked mud. The field was a giant puddle, and the car would not budge. We were irrevocably stuck. The situation grew worse, and our adventure more fun, as the rain kept going. We all got out in the rain and tried pushing the car forward. Christine and I even tried standing on the bumper (as directed by Andrew) trying to put more weight on the rear tires– but even this was a fiasco. As Christine and I were hanging on the bumper–Lauren drove, and Andrew pushed. All these were unsuccessful tries. In the meantime it had turned night, the rain kept falling, and if possible, we felt even more trapped than the preceding hour. Andrew then left to get some planks of wood (aka “for sale” signs”) to lift the car out. C and I were in the car with Lauren (who is one of the coolest most delightful women we’ve met); we talked about it all and even creeped ourselves out a little bit as we waited in the pitch dark. As we got to know these 2 amazing individuals– we were actually having a blast being stuck in the mud for hours and came out of it all with two great friends. We love these two so much so that we will have a “sequel” to the shoot in a couple of months  :)




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