Mariasole | Italy Wedding Photography

I (V) shot this session in Italy last August- and I am so horrible I just found the time to edit through a few of these gorgeous shots. They are a taste of summer, a taste of a simpler life, a taste of Italy. I have known Mariasole since I was 7yrs old and we have managed to stay in touch through the years and through different continents. She is also very much into photography, and this was easily seen by the comfortable way she moved in front of the camera. We shot in Sorrento as well as Positano, if you have never visited those places– they are a MUST! some of my favorites I have ever visited, and they are home. These photos mean so much more to me personally, than they may to a passer-by—- as they capture memories of my past youthful summers, & places that are so far away and yet so close to my heart. A little commentary:

Mariasole’s father was always an avid photographer as a hobby. I remember going to her house as a child and seeing black and white photos her father took of her mother smiling- superb candid photos decorated their home . Photos of her and her brother as children and even a self portrait that I remember admiring most of all. We began Mariasole’s session in her own home in Sorrento,  I suggested beginning on this old piece of staircase adorned with plants. After we took the photos- she told me that her father had actually built that staircase to photograph her mother.

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Your average view from Mariasole’s balcony…

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We then headed to Positano. I love the artisan sandals so typical of southern Italy.

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The Perfect view of Positano, I want to cuddle with this image

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Mariasole is stunning, her name literally means “Mary-Sun”

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AND….my favorite shot of the day

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Madeline | Bridal & Wedding Photography

We thought we’d end the year with Madeline’s bridal photos to conclude ever so beautifully. Remember Madeline’s engagement session ?! 😉 Well perhaps she was even more impossibly stunning at her bridal session, wearing her belted lace gown that personally left me speechless. The glorious bride knows all things wedding as she is actually a wedding designer/planner at a new venue in downtown Huntsville: The Summit at Big Spring.

Ok guys so this is the last post for 2009! I know I know it will be hard having no virtual eye-candy for the next few days, but let me tell you– at our return, we will post some DREAMY sessions and weddings! 😉 Including weddings from Florida, Atlanta , Savannah, Charleston and more!

We wish you a happy-fun-safe-crazy-cool New Years!

Untill 2010 !

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