Las Vegas Wedding, Engagement, & Couple Photography | Matt & Katie!

Matt & Katie are the type of couple who almost make you jealous; the type of couple who have you go back home and “work on your relationship” because you suddenly realize true happiness &ย  a picket fence, can in fact all be true ๐Ÿ˜‰ The way they adoringly look at each other, and the way Matt flatters Katie in front of a crowd, would make any girl exclaim “awwwww” with sentiment. There is no doubt these two were meant to be together. Oh, and Katie,ย  you won’t mind if I share your story here, will you?

Katie had a bit of an obsession, ahem I mean, infatuation with Matt in high school. Matt came around her school as an employee, and Katie would swoon at his sight every.time. She had the kind of attraction which I am sure had her doodling a self proclaimed prophecy all along: “Mrs. Matt Ebeneezer” on her notebooks. Years later Matt was a radio host, and Katie was his number one fan. On the radio Matt announced that he was engaged, Katie lost her optimism and dated through her college years. When recounting their story to us, Matt interrupted Katie and said something along the lines that he must have not been very bright, because the whole “engaged” bit was a joke, which he announced publicly, on the radio, on Valentine’s day— therefore accidentally taking himself off the market altogether.ย  But when things are meant to be, they always come back into your life– as we all know the saying goes. Years passed and chance brought them together, more intimately this time. They dated for a few short months and had a wedding that I’m sure had all the guests exclaim “awwwww” with sentiment.

Sorry if I keep going about these two, but I just think there is so much to say about wonderful people like these. Matt & Katie are super talented photographers in Australia (in the Brisbane area, I believe).ย  They traveled endless hours to Las Vegas for WPPI, and chose us to capture their love here in the US of A. We were a bit nervous to photograph such talented photographers from so far away, but once we met Matt & Katie, it was hard to part with them because the chemistry between us all was like that of old friends’. We got to hang out with them post shoot, and as we sat in a glamorous Las Vegas restaurant, we lost track of the hours, ate creme brule’ and talked about absolutely EVERYTHING.

Matt & Katie, we love you guys so much, you two are seriously an amazing duo, no matter if you are in front of the camera, behind the camera, or just loving on each other :)

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Katie claimed to be nervous about being in front of the camera, but really proved herself wrong when she struck this awesome pose as soon as we began– um hello!?!!

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Watch out for the Cacti, Matt!

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As the sun was setting we went nuts capturing all the beauty we were surrounded by…

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Are you going “awwwwww” right about now!?

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Christine and I have decided: They need to build a little bit of desert here in Alabama…

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Because they traveled such a long way from Australia, we thought incorporating paper airplanes in their shoot would be ever so fitting.

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La Fin

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Mariasole | Italy Wedding Photography

I (V) shot this session in Italy last August- and I am so horrible I just found the time to edit through a few of these gorgeous shots. They are a taste of summer, a taste of a simpler life, a taste of Italy. I have known Mariasole since I was 7yrs old and we have managed to stay in touch through the years and through different continents. She is also very much into photography, and this was easily seen by the comfortable way she moved in front of the camera. We shot in Sorrento as well as Positano, if you have never visited those places– they are a MUST! some of my favorites I have ever visited, and they are home. These photos mean so much more to me personally, than they may to a passer-by—- as they capture memories of my past youthful summers, & places that are so far away and yet so close to my heart. A little commentary:

Mariasole’s father was always an avid photographer as a hobby. I remember going to her house as a child and seeing black and white photos her father took of her mother smiling- superb candid photos decorated their home . Photos of her and her brother as children and even a self portrait that I remember admiring most of all. We began Mariasole’s session in her own home in Sorrento,ย  I suggested beginning on this old piece of staircase adorned with plants. After we took the photos- she told me that her father had actually built that staircase to photograph her mother.

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Your average view from Mariasole’s balcony…

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We then headed to Positano. I love the artisan sandals so typical of southern Italy.

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The Perfect view of Positano, I want to cuddle with this image

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Mariasole is stunning, her name literally means “Mary-Sun”

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AND….my favorite shot of the day

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NYC Behind the Scenes ;)

We preach that a photograph can speak a thousand words, that it conveys and captures a true glimpse of who one really is; so we think it’s important every once in a while, for you to see the faces BEHIND the camera.

Here are a few low-quality snap shots of our amazing-super-fantastic-photo-filled trip to New York!












the plaza nyc






my hair is as bright as times square ๐Ÿ˜‰




Coming up Next… ! | From Alabama to New York

It is absolutely unreal what we have been doing in the past few months. We have been traveling all over the country meeting some of the most wonderful people/couples, seeing new places, and best of all creating some amazing imagery.

We have photographed couples and individuals as varied as ice cream flavors— with that said, we’ve put together a sort of Sundae for you to get a taste of what is coming up next…

An Anthropologie-inspired wedding…

Huntsville UAH Campus, AL

Anthropologie themed wedding in Huntsville Alabama

A wedding of a fashionista from NYC, featuring the most unique self-designed/hand-made purple wedding dress!



The quirkiest couple

Montesano Lodge, the Lodge weddings


An engagement session as juicy as pomegranates ๐Ÿ˜‰


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A man so brave to propose in the middle of the shoot… with a kite!

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A perfect wedding at Annabella at Ceder Glenn


A couple as sweet as strawberry muffins ๐Ÿ˜‰


wedding in Atlanta Georgia. Dulluth GA and Italy weddings

the hottest duo in existence

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A perfect fall session in downtown Huntsville

old towne brewery, and downtown huntsville photographer


Pretty much the coolest bride and groom EVER.

constitution village wedding in AL


A senior with dreams, songs, and a suitcase

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A model-esque couple as refreshing as lemonade on a summer day

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A stroll at Poet’s Walk in Central Park, New York…… And let’s just say We โ™ฅ NYC

Central Park, Poet's Walk, New York, NY wedding and engagement photographers


Perhaps one of our favorite shoot experiences of all times, on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, NY

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The loveliest couple looking like a modern-day fairly tale on top of Belvedere Castle in Central Park and in front of the Metropolitan Museum in New York, NY

Belvedere Castle in Central Park New York NY photographers, Photographer


A bright, happy, stylish couple at Times Square and Grand Central Station in NYC



and finally a taste ofย  southern Italy

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